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ARTS+ Europe – Check out our international activities

ARTS+ is also active in other European countries. Main activities are: Regular round tables of „art ministry“ leaders (pan-European and national meetings), conferences, network of Christian artists. Since 2000 international meetings took place in Hungary, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, UK and Belgium…

Check out our international activities here EVENTS


Contact person for Austria:
Verena Schnitzhofer (v.schnitzhofer@qvi.eu)

Contact person for Belgium:
Jim Mills (info@creativemissions.com)

Contact person for Bulgaria:
Zdravka Samsonova (zsamsonova@yahoo.com)

Contact person for Estonia:
Charles Kelley (charleskelley@mac.com)

Contact for Finland:
Finnish Lutheran Mission

Contact person for France:
Steve Thrall (steve.thrall@gmail.com)

Contact person for Hungary:
Krisztina Tarjanyi (krisztina.tarjanyi@crescendohungary.org)

Contact person for the Netherlands:
Leen de la Rivière (leen@continentalart.org)

Contact person for Spain:
Hector Ramirez (hectorlilli@hotmail.com)

Contact person for UK:
Jill Ford (j.ford@allnations.ac.uk)



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15. Oktober 2023

Culte artistique à Château-Thierry


22. Oktober 2023

ApostelGEDICHTE #2 – Die Paulus-Story auf Poetisch

New Life Bern  Bern

29. Oktober 2023


Kulturkirche Paulus  Basel

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