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20. März 2023
31. März 2023
Kurs, Workshop, Zoom Meeting

Arts and Trauma Healing

UK (online: 11 January 2023)

Online: 11 January 2023
Residential Intensive: 20 – 31 March, 2023

What is the programme?

This course is delivered in partnership with Dallas International University and the Trauma Healing Institute, both based in America. It fosters a holistic interactive approach, engaging Scripture within the healing process for people who suffer from the mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of trauma. It combines biblical truths with basic mental health principles expressed in ways that can be easily translated into other languages. This course will emphasize the importance of performing and visual arts in trauma healing.

Through this course you will learn to:

  • Address cognitive beliefs and emotions damaged by trauma, both in your own life and in the lives of others.​
  • Use participatory learning methods to train local church leaders in ways that help them to become effective care-givers.

Who is the course for?

This is a graduate level course. Participants who sign up for ATH UK must be able to attend the 10 day classroom based teaching at All Nations Christian College.

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Tanja Urben

Gesang, Musical, Performance Art
Nach Abschluss der Matura mit Schwerpunktfach Musik (Querflöte) in Basel, absolviert Tanja Urben von 2006 – 2009 die dreijährige Ausbildung zur diplomierten Musicaldarstellerin an der «Swiss Musical Academy» in Bern (CH) und bildet sich 2011 in New York am Steps


10. Februar 2023

Biblische und andere Wegbeschreibungen

Communität Don Camillo  

21. Februar 2023

Central Arts @ Create!

Schwäbisch Gmünd  

20. März 2023

Arts and Trauma Healing

UK (online: 11 January 2023)  

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