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Digital Labs

Managers of art residencies

This Digital Lab unites art managers in order to find and share insights essential for carrying out an international residency in the regions of Ukraine. The necessary knowledge base is provided by experts from Ukraine and the EU.

After the two-week lab you will have a fundamental understanding of each stage of the management of international art residencies and create your own project, consulting with the experts. The most promising ideas will get EUR 1,000 on implementation.

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This is for studying even in times of pandemic

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29. September 2023

Impro Kick off

Andreas Kirche "Monolith"  Zürich

15. Oktober 2023

Culte artistique à Château-Thierry


22. Oktober 2023

ApostelGEDICHTE #2 – Die Paulus-Story auf Poetisch

New Life Bern  Bern

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